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Healing conversation

My name is Ann and I work with healing conversations to help and support you who think you are stuck. I want to be the one who listens and helps you pry open the locks, sort out your thoughts,give new inspiration and make you open upp for new opportunities and find the path that leads you where you want. With my background as a self-employed person and educator with education in music and art and constantly searching and exploring in personal development and spirituality, I want to inspire and support you who want to find yourself.


Trusting the Life Force, the one that makes the heart beat and heals what needs to be healed. Understand that we are actually already whole, and that it is our thoughts that play tricks on us and make us afraid, worried and sad.


You are welcome to book a free first 30-minute call.


All calls take place online on Zoom.

Price: SEK 600 for 60 minutes.


Contact me below or email me if you have questions or want to book a call.

Torra rosor och dagbok


Thank you for contacting Bokstavsform!

I am not a trained therapist, psychologist or doctor, so if you have severe trauma, are suicidal or deeply depressed, I ask you to seek further medical care as I do not have the tools or knowledge to help.

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