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We design websites, logos, brochures, folders, business cards, packaging, manuals and most everything in advertising, both digital and for print. We draw illustrations by hand or digitally. It can be technical illustrations for manuals or hand drawn and painted with watercolor or gouache.


Calligraphy means "beautiful writing". It is an art form and a many thousand year old craft with endless possibilities to create new things. Logotypes, diplomas, greeting cards, signs, book covers and much more.


We offers courses and private lessons in classical calligraphy. Ann Pettersson is a trained teacher and an experienced educator who teaches calligraphy and the history of writing.

As a student you will learn the basics of how to use a broad pen and the most common styles. You try different pens, colours and paper qualities, make your own ink and cut a reed and quill pen. You learn the basics of different styles and how to make a beautiful layout.

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